All donations to the Norfolk Repeater Group are greatly appreciated. Currently the membership is £5 per year and under 16’s are free. This covers all repeaters within the group.
Chq’s / Postal orders to Chris G0TZZ address below.

Chq’s payable to “Norfolk Repeater Groupplease write your callsign on the rear of the cheque along with repeater callsign.
Chris Soames G0TZZ
c/o Norfolk Repeater Group
Stud Farm Bungalow
3 The Street
PE32 2EA

Electronic Payments

Please use your callsign as a reference.

Our Account details below please use your callsign as supplied to us in the above email as a reference.
Account Norfolk Repeater GB3NB Group
Barclays Bank Dereham
Sort 202820
Account 30191647

Current Membership runs from the AGM in May each year.

Foundation Members, members who helped get the D-STAR project of the ground in 2009
Chris G0TZZ, Johnathan M1ADX, Mark G0LGJ, Tony 2E0BDB, Tracey 2E0CEY, Chris G0DWV, Mike G8EEY, Bob G8SDU, Robert G0MQI, Mike M0TVG, Dave G0KHC, Terry G7UWA.
Thanks also to BT for the use of the site, Cambridge Repeater Group for the G2 Server PC, Darren G7LWT for the help with the config.

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