GB3TN Live feed provided by the BATC
more feeds can be watched from Original feed is from Mark G0LGJ active
07:00 – 01:00

The repeater is located near Fakenham.
Technical Information:-
RX : Wood & Douglas unit was used up to 2000 when it was replaced with a Comtech front end + bespoke De-emphasis etc. with better sensitivity.
TX : Wood & Douglas PLL exciter + Mitsubishi PA run at 12W & a 3 pole interdigital filter. Power supply : Linear 10A 13.5v with 4 x 3055 pass transistors – ancient but reliable technology!
Logic : bespoke – based on Cropredy test card generator modified in 1991 to produce a live analogue type S meter to show Rx signal level. In 2000 a PC was added to display pictures & info. A wireless access point was added in 2008 for remote update .
A live stream  is available here
Antennas: 2 x Alford slot aerials (1 TX & 1 RX – default rx antenna) & 4 Directional DTMF selectable sectors (swiss quads “) added in 1992 when the tower was replaced. Structures : 10metre mast initially used was replaced in 1992 with a Francis & Lewis 22m TT30 commercial tower.
Freq Output 1316Mhz
Freq Input 1249Mhz with 1sec Video


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2013 Update
GB3TN has been updated recently thanks to Mark G4WVU with an DVB-s Digital input on 70cm. 437Mhz and a wheel antenna on top of the tower.
Also courtesy of Mark G0LGJ a video stream is running giving video and audio from GB3TN output, stream runs from 07:00 – 01:00
Feedback to Mark G4WVU or Mark G0LGJ

GB3TN Block Diagram
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