Location Thorpe-St-Andrew
The UHF Thorpe-St-Andrew repeater, GB3VW, UR63, 438.3875 MHz/430.7875MHz CTCSS: 82.5Hz was first operational on December 2020.

GB3VW is located at the main station of James M0ZAH.

Antenna Diamond X50
Messi & Paoloni 13
Trx: Hytera
Duplexers: Motorola

Please note, this repeater uses a reverse shift (Base TX high) and CTCSS tone of 82.5Hz(D). You’ll need to set your radio for a (-) minus 7.6Mhz shift.

User Logic Guide:

Timeout: 10 minutes.
There is no courtesy tone (over pip) between overs. Please leave a small pause to allow other users to join.

A big thank you to Tim (M7MIT) for purchasing and donating a Diamond X50 for the project.