The site’s main focus is for the Norfolk Repeater Group. However not all users of GB3NB, GB3AH and GB7NB are aware of the other repeaters in Norfolk, how they work and how they can be supported.

Repeater Operational Status
GB3NB CTCSS intermittent
GB3NV Application Submitted

We cannot comment on other repeaters but I am sure a quick call or an email to the relevant groups will sort any issues.

New commands for GB7NB here

We work very closely with Norwich Repeater Group who maintain GB3NR, GB3NO and  GB3ANT.  GB3NR is awaiting install of a new repeater and antenna.
The North Norfolk Group maintain GB3NN and GB3TN and both have just been upgraded. A new antenna has been installed on GB3NN and a digital input on GB3TN.

James M0ZAH has also added two repeaters in Norwich GB3JX (6M)  and GB3JC (70cm)

Additionally Norfolk has the following repeaters.  GB3NU and GB7NU in Sheringham, GB3KY and GB3KL in Kings Lynn  and GB3YL and GB3LO in Lowestoft.  Information regarding those groups can be found under local repeaters.

Speak soon, or see you on one of the above. Alternatively keep in touch by registering on our website. You will need to register with your Amateur Radio Callsign.

If you are a D-STAR user you can also register for the D-Star Gateway here which is required for D-STAR operation and use of the Reflectors.

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