GB7NM D-STAR Operation

GB7NM is a dual-mode D-STAR / Fusion repeater on 145.7375Mhz -0.600 Mhz Shift. It is running pi-star software with an STM32-DVM Top hat on a Raspberry Pi3 connected to 2 Kenwood TK7180 mobile radios.

The most important thing when operating this and any other repeater is please leave at least a 3-second gap between overs this allows other users to connect and for timers to reset.
If this repeater is operating in its other mode you may hear white noise if you are listening on the opposite mode.

Before operation please key the radio for 1 – 2 seconds giving your callsign to enable repeater to swich modes.

It’s default mode is Fusion

To operate in D-STAR set your D-STAR radio to the following, ensuring you have set your TX /RX to 145.7375 with a -0.6Mhz shift.
R1 GB7NM^^C      ^=SPACE most important
R2 GB7NM^^G    ^=SPACE most important
MY Your Callsign

Repeater info

You will need to be registered for D-STAR operation. Please click here for info.

You can then use DTMF to connect to a reflector for example D5B will connect you to DCS Reflector 5B a UK based reflector
or *1C the Worldwide reflector.

You can also use DR mode if your radio supports it.

Or set a memory channel to send in your UR field something like:-
DCS005BL for Reflector 5B
REF001CL for Reflector 1c