GB7ND Usage

GB7ND DMR Repeater usage information

To use this repeater and the wider DMR network you are required to have a valid ID. You can register your callsign here: – (If you have already registered for D-STAR then the same ID is also valid on DMR)

Network: GB7ND is connected to the Phoenix UK network which also provides international access via the DMR MARC worldwide network.

Location: Attleborough, Norfolk, UK

Input (your TX): 430.4125

Output (your RX): 439.4125

Colour Code: 1

Live Monitor: GB7ND


The repeater has the full range of standard Phoenix talkgroups available as well as some specific to the region and others with local linking. Some talkgroups are always on so you will hear activity if you are monitoring that particular talkgroup, others require user activating before they can be heard and used.

The repeater has the following talkgroups enabled: –

Talkgroup Timeslot Use
TG1 1 Worldwide [calling channel]
TG2 1 Europe [calling channel]
TG9 1 Local to GB7ND
TG9 2 Links GB7ND to GB7DS & GB7TA
TG13 1 World Wide English [calling channel]
TG80 1 User Activated UK #1
TG81 1 User Activated UK #2
TG82 1 User Activated UK #3
TG83 1 User Activated UK #4
TG84 1 User Activated UK #5
TG113 1 Worldwide English [user activated] #1
TG123 1 Worldwide English [user activated] #2
TG119 1 Worldwide [user activated] #1
TG129 1 Worldwide [user activated] #2
TG235 1 UK Wide [calling channel]
TG801 2 South East UK [user activated]
TG802 2 South East UK [user activated]
TG810 2 South West UK [user activated]
TG820 2 North West UK [user activated]
TG830 2 Midlands UK [user activated]
TG840 2 East England UK – HOME region
TG841 2 Links GB7AL, GB7DS, GB7MK, GB7ND & GB7TA
TG850 2 Scotland UK [user activated]
TG860 2 North East UK [user activated]
TG870 2 Wales UK [user activated]
TG880 2 Northern Ireland [user activated]
TG9990 2 Echo Server

Notes on Use

The home region for GB7ND is East of England TG840. This is always on and will link several repeaters across the region to significantly extend geographical coverage. The TG840 linked repeaters are: – GB7AL, GB7CL, GB7CT, GB7DS, GB7FU, GB7HA, GB7MK, GB7ND, GB7PE & GB7SK. Access to other regions is available by user activating the desired talkgroup.

GB7ND talkgroup 9 timeslot 1 has a permanent link to GB7DS and GB7TA. All contacts on this talkgroup will be routed to and transmitted on the other repeaters. For purely local traffic use talkgroup 9 timeslot 1.

GB7ND supports roaming if your radio has the capability and is setup to use it. This allows your radio to automatically switch between repeaters during a QSO thus maintaining access to the talkgroup being roamed.

There are several user activated talkgroups available on GB7ND. You will not hear activity on these talkgroups untill/unless one of them has been activated. To activate a talkgroup briefly press and release the PTT. The talkgroup will then be activated and can be used in the normal manner. There is a 10 minute timer that will disconnect the talkgroup after 10 minutes of no activity.

It is essential to leave a gap between overs of at least 4 seconds to allow other stations to call in and for all the connected repeaters, dongles and hotspots to reset. Note that you could potentially be opening hundreds of repeaters worldwide depending on your choice of talkgroup.

Thanks to Richard G7RVH for information.