GB3AH History

GB3AH History thanks to Alan G8PON for information below.

In August 1982.
The idea of a local repeater was put by G8PON to G8UUV, G8VHW, and G4KLD, making a group.
various sites were investigated, including site near Dereham, Ashill water tower, and Ashill church tower

September 1982.
The first meeting as a group took place with the above Radio Amateurs on 15th. of Sept., and with donations from the group they were about to start this repeater. Questions were asked:-Was it possible for a repeater in the Breckland district for 70cm. , and what possible sites etc. ., and also for G8VHW to handle the admin. The group decided to run as an individual group without a chairman or committee.

October 1982.
Application was made to the RSGB for application forms for a licence to operate a repeater in the Breckland Area. Further meeting were held to discuss the repeater application forms which were duly returned on 15th. December 1982 to the RSGB. (G8VHW was nominated as the Repeater Keeper. ) In this month letters were exchanged regarding the call sign and frequency of the proposed repeater. (Originally to be on RB 13 and call sign GB3BK).

November 1982.
On 1st. Nov. 1982 a letter was sent to the Rector of Ashill Village Church, asking for permission to put aerials on Ashill Church Tower.

December 1982.
A request was made to G8VHW for a meeting with Ashill Church Council to put the groups case regarding the aerials that could possibly be erected on the church tower. After a discussion by the Church Council on the night, permission was granted with a minimal donation required.

March 1983.
G6XTM Became a member of the repeater group.

April 1983
Confirmation of granting a licence by RSGB on 17th April 1983 for the repeater, Call sign to be GB3AH on RB 11. Input Frq. 434.875 Mhz, & Output Frq. 433.275 MHz.

May 1983.- May 1984.
A PYE L 470 was purchased by the group and modified by G8GTZ. The Logic boards were built by G8UUV. Crystals for the repeater were donated and supplied by Quarts Lab. The repeater unit was installed in the church tower by G8GTZ. Sid (G8VHW) built two coliniar antennas, The aerials and mast erected by G8PON and G4KLD. The Aerials being constructed by G8VHW. During the twelve months various off-air repeater reception tests were carried out. Also range and reception tests were carried out by G8PON, G8UUV and G8GTZ to define the working area of GB3AH.

April 1984
GB3AH. Breckland District 70cm. Repeater was put on air 19th. April 1984. A few teething problems that were quickly \ rectified and the Breckland District Repeater was fully operational, covering the proposed areas in the original idea.

June 1984.
A very successful Stall was held at the Bar-ford Rally on the 19th of this month for the repeater funds. The total of £111.30 was raised, including donations.

January 1985,
A group meeting was held for discussion of the repeater and minor problems over the preceding year. A bank account was opened at TSB Swaffham on 1st. June 1984. G8VHW was elected as secretary.

June 1985.
For the second year running the group had a stall at Barford Rally on the 17th of this month for repeater funds and raised £28.50, also various donations were received.

July 1985.
A new aerial was installed at the repeater site due to moisture entering the junction box of the existing aerial. Installation by G8PON & G8GTZ.

January 1986.
A routine check of the repeater unit was carried out by G8GTZ. With the exception of the Power Amp, that was replaced, everything else was satisfactory. On the 15th of this month a repeater group meeting was held regarding affiliation of Repeater Groups to the RSGB for membership. It was decided that further information was required from the RSGB. G8VHW to approach the RSGB on the subject. At the same meeting G4KLD tendered his resignation due to moving from the area. A re-allocation of Key holders for Close-Down and are as follows:- G8PON, G8VHW, G6VNH, & G6XTM.

March 1986.
At an informal meeting where all members of the group were present, it was decided that the group would NOT affiliate to the RSGB, and remain an informal, and individual independent group.

April 1986,
On the 6th of this month Sid Hughs (G8VHW) passed away. Duties of Repeater Keeper were taken over by Alan Morgan (G8PON). Repeater group members and the RSGB informed on the 7th.

April 1986.
16th April 1986. G6XTM resigned from the repeater group,25th April 1986. A full meeting of the remaining members of the group, consisting of: G8PON, G8UUV, & G6VNH. G6SVY absent, but agreed to be a Close-Down Operator. G8UUV agreed to hold group funds until further notice and the group would remain informal and independent. RSGB informed of Close-Down Operators and the status of the group.

June 1986.
The group had a stand at Barford on 15th. of this month. After payments out to RAEN the sum of £11 was raised, plus some donations.

August 1986.
Repeater checked by G8GTZ on 24th. TX cavity retuned, power back up to 5 Watts. Spurious removed at 433.5 MHz. Letter from RSGB HQ re repeater close-down list and confirmation of new Keeper (G8PON)

February 1987.
3rd. Feb. 1500 GMT Approx. GB3AH closed down by DTI Due to spurious emissions at 460 Mhz. G8GTZ and group members informed. GB3AH Transmitter unit retuned and tested by G8GTZ.. 23rd. Feb. 1987. DTI Checked Repeater TX. Found to be satisfactory and repeater back on air at 1735 GMT of that date.

May 1987,
New Transmitter unit installed by G8GTZ. Repeater serviced and power output to 10 Watts ERP.

September 1987.
Due to change of employment G8GTZ resigned as repeater service engineer. (Technical work to be carried out jointly by G8PON and G8UUV)

February 1988.
Repeater checked and serviced RX found to be 2.5 Khz low, corrected. Through Audio raised. (G8PON)

April 1988.
GB3AH gone into Beacon mode. Talk-through fault. 1st April 1988. On site repair. Intermittent fault. 8th April 1988. GB3AH Taken off-air for repair and modification to Logic. Talk-through in squelch unit replaced. Logic reset and modified. Repeater on-air tested and found satisfactory. GB3AH back on-air at 2100 Hrs.
GMT Same day. ( Off-air 3 hrs.)

October 1988.
GB3AH Mk. II in service at 1630 GMT 29th Oct. 1988. Mk. II. Unit to run for a trial period for evaluation. Self contained Stand-By Power and Indication of Main Power failure. Mk.II Unit a PYE Westminster W15U modified for repeater use. Donated by G8UUV

November 1988.
GB3AH Mk. I back in service due to logic fault in Mk.II. G8UUV investigating and rectifying fault. 7th. Nov. 1988. 8th. Nov. 1988. Mk.II back in service.

January 1989.
GB3AH Site visited 2nd. Jan 1989. Repeater Serviced. Stand-By Power checked satis. 0950 GMT to 1545 GMT.
26th Jan. 1989. Mains Power failed. Stand-By Power from 0900 to 1700 GMT. Site visited. Battery checked satis. (G8PON)
* Note: GB3AH Mk.I undergoing Modification. Battery back-Up and logic modification. (G8PON)

April 1989
GB3AH Site visited. Repeater Checked Satis. Stand-By Power for 30 mins. (G8PON)

4 October 1989.

26th Oct. 1989.
Mk.II gone into Beacon Mode. Mk.I installed at 1800 GMT. On-Air tests carried out satis. (G8PON) (Mk.II been in service since Oct 29th 1988)

Nov 1989.
10th. Nov. GB3AH on Stand-By Power from 0910 – 1445 GMT.

January 1990.
13th. Jan. Repeater Site visited. Service carried out satis. (G8PON)

July 1990.
31st. Jul. Site Visited (Stand-By Mode 1350 to 1430 GMT) Repeater checked. Stand-By Battery checked, logic reset ?.

August 1990.
GB3AH Site visited 6th Aug. Stand-BY Battery found to be U/S. All else satis. (G8PON))

October 1990.
New Battery installed. Repeater Serviced, (G8PON)

January 1991.
GB3AH Off-Air due to logic fault. 17th Jan 1991. Site visited (G8PON & G8UUV) Attempted repair of logic board. G8UUV to install Mk.II today. (Intermittent logic fault ?)

19th Jan 1991.
Mk. I back On-Air at 1100 GMT. (G8PON)

December 1991.
16th Dec 1991. Logic fault. On-Site repair. Repeater Off-Air 30 mins. (G8PON) 18th Dec 1991. Logic fault again. GB3AH taken Off-Air at 1100 GMT. Repeater Unit fully serviced. Logic faults rectified, (Dry Joints ?) GB3AH back On-Air at 1600 GMT. (G8PON)

February 1992.
5th. Feb 1992. Stand-By Power Battery down. Fresh Battery installed. Repeater checked and serviced satis. (G8PON)

March 1992.
23rd. Mar 1992. Remittance and renewal of franchise sent to RSGB HQ. (G8PON)

April 1992.
7th. Apr. Site visited. Repeater checked and serviced. (Logic reset) (G8PON)

May 1992.
12th. May. Site visited. Repeater checked Satis. (G8PON)

June 1992.
23rd. Jun. Site visited. Repeater Checked and Serviced Satis. (G8PON)

September 1992.
8th. Sep. GB3AH Fully checked and Serviced. RX and TX cavities retuned. Tx Frq. 1.75 Khz High. Corrected. Through Audio and tone notch checked and set. Squelch level reset to off-set co-channel interference. (G8PON)

November 1992.
24th. Nov. Site visited. Repeater checked and Serviced. Cavities retuned and checked for serviced for RX desense with G6JXK in Norwich. Power out 8 watts (RF Power out-put). RX Sense .03 micorV squelch lift. Battery charge rate 13.4 Volts ?. Stand -By Power output 6 watts. Logic functioning satis. (G8PON)

January 1993.
26th.Jan. Site visited. Repeater checked. Logic checked all satis.

April 1993.
20th. Apr. Site visited. Repeater checked, Satis. (G8PON)

August 1993.
3rd. Aug. Site visited. Tx Freq. down, corrected and cavities retuned. Rx response and sensitivity checked satis. Stand-by Power Battery checked satis. Logic checked satis. (G8PON).

November 1993.
16th. Nov. Site visited. Repeater checked, Satis. (G8PON)

January 1994.
18th. Jan. Site visited Transmitter Frequency checked and adjusted. Transmitter Cavity retuned. (G8PON)

May 1994.
19th. May Site visited. Repeater checked. Receiver cavity retuned and receiver frequency adjusted. TX power checked satis . Logic satis. No Standby PSU yet battery with Malcolm G8UUV. Repeater Group Bank Account Checked. Now signatory form to be filled in to bring it up to date. Account standing at £84 with no debits or deposits since 1989.

June 1994.
9th. June GB3AH Off air due to power supply interruption at 0956 local time. Transmitter power o/p stage fault Fault discovered and rectified ,Repeater back on air at 1925 local time. Full service and frequency check Power output 8 watts into aerial feeder. No standby battery yet. Logic mode auto reset.

October 17th 1996
GB3AH Mk I Repeater Unit taken out of service at 1425. Today due to Rx low sensitivity de-sense,, also logic malfunction. (Call-sign generator fault) GB3AH Mk 11 on air 14:30 RX pre-amp re-tuned and set up. Cavities re-tuned and re checked. H100 TX feeder down, but AE better than 1.5-1. Rx Feeder, LDF 450 OK. AE OK. better than 1.2-1 Tx Frq. 433.275 Mhz. on + – .5Knz. Dev Set 5Khz. Tx Power at cavity 4.5 Watts RF. 3rd. Harmonic better than ~60db. Rx Frq. 434.875 Mhz. on + – .5Khz. Tone notch 1750 Hz. Sense .3uV. Logic Auto, with talk-thru audio better than 12.5 Khz Bw. (Proposed new Repeater unit, GB3AH Mk III with CTCS8 and encoded remote shut-down f. stand-by power and possible single aerial working in the not to distant future, possible Site change Green?)

August 11th 1997
GB3AH Off air 14.00 hrs. due to logic Fault. Will remain “Off-Air’ pending site change? Proposed new Site. Further details to be discussed, but looks promising. Malcolm, G8UUV looking into the possibilities and liaison with site owner.

August 19th 1997
Telephone conversation with Malcolm. G8UUV reference the relocation, of GB3AH to site near Dereham, Verbal conformation that it was a all go situation. Only the paper-work to sort out, and of course a new repeater logic system., as well as a re-built unite.

September 24th 1997
Application to RMG RSGB for Site Change.

October 7th 1997
Received Guide to Repeater licensing Questionnaire from. RSGB HQ RMG. G8UUV Negotiating with Eastern Electricity Communications Dept. Agreement made and
resigned by GB3AH Repeater Group and effective as from 1st. November 1997. Awaiting copy of agreement to send to RMG for Validation and approval.

October 8th 1997
Received from G8UUV draft copy of the Schedule drawn up by Eastern Electricity Communications the list of Breckland Repeater Group Members.

October 20th 1997
An open meeting was held at Bradenham Football Club at 20:00 for all interested persons future of GB3AH. In all, ten (10) Licensed Amateurs attended:-G8PON, G8UUV, G8VLL, G6SVY, G6ZQU, G0FMI, G0L.GJ; , G0UEI, G0FVW, G0LGF.
The meeting was opened by Alan, G8PON. The purpose of the meeting was to gather together those who are genuinely interested in the future of GB3AH and forming an informal, group, Breckland Repeater Group. It was proposed by G8PON, and seconded by G8UUV that Andrew, G8VLL become the Groups Eng. This was accepted by all. Progress made so far:- An agreement with Owner of site near Dereham\. Aerials already mounted on the tower by Eastern Electricity. Andrew, G8VLL (Tech. Eng, for • having acquired a suitable Repeater TX/RX and modified it for the new site. Progress being made cavities to run the repeater on a single aerial. As to GB3AH original site and unit. It was agreed that’ the unit be. totally over-hauled by G8VLL on the air as soon as possible at its old site (‘Ashill). New feeder for the TX aerial is forth-coming and installed within the next week or so? Hopefully GB3AH at Ashill would ld remain in operation until such time as the site change is authorised by the RMG and RA. The old equipment be reworked by Andy(G8VLL), and problems of mains supply be sorted at ashill church. (Knowing the speed that RMG and RA work at, maybe this time next year GB3AH will be operating from new site) In general, the meeting proved that there was a genuine interest in GB3AH to continue to operate. It was agreed, that there would be no subscription fee, and that funding for the repeater would be provided as in the past, donations. To date, there has teen no capital out –lay, individual members of the group having provided various items and funds to keep GB3AH operational. With what was concluded to be an informative and constructive meeting, it was agreed that other meetings of the group would be held on a basis of as-and-when required. At this meeting the new box was set up and demonstrated by Andy (G8VLL) this box being obtained by Mark(G0LGJ). G8VLL had bought along the new Repeater unit- and gave an “”off-air” demonstration.
The meeting to come to a close at 21.45.

10th Jan 1998
GB3AH On- Air at 14.45 Mrs. Andy, G8VLL Installed Mk.III in Ashill Church Tower. Aerials suspect but all working satis. (Change of Aerials to be looked into by Andy).

21st. Jan, 1998
GB3AH Site visit. (Interruptions to Power Supply on site) Repeater functioning Satis, Auto Reset working OK.

26th Jan 1998
Donations of £5 from Tony G0FVW & £10 from Terry G0LGF .Paid into the Bank. .Balance Check Acct, in date £1 12.53. Receipts and Statement passed to Malcom G8UUV via John G0FMI)

2nd Feb 1998
Donations of £10 from G3MPN and £5 from G0WHX, Receipt issued and handed to John, G0FMI. (Cash in hand £ 15.) Malcolm G8UUV investigating the possibility of a further two (2) cavities to enhance single aerial operation of the repeater when authority for site change is given. (Still awaiting paper-work to send off to RMG?????)

9th Feb.
Cash in hand to hank £15. Bank Acct Balance £127.53.

18th Feb
Donations from. G7KZZ £5, – G1VLE &. M1BYD £10, – G0UZH & G0VDW £10. Total Cash in hand .£25.00.

19th Feb
Cash in hand to bank £25.00. Bank Acct. to date Balance Credit 152.53.

Application for renewal of NOV .and Site Change Proposal sent to RSGB HQ. Plus insurance for 98/99 (Alan’s, G8PON, donation to the repeater running)
Reply from RSGB Hq. Papers being progressed through RMG.

21st April
Revised proposed coverage map and site clearance letter sent to Zone Repeater Manager.

23rd April 1998
Phone message from Carlos, (Zone Manager) that all the documents referring to site change for GB3AH sent to RSGB RMG to be forwarded to RA and. MOD for vetting and clearance.

19th May
Received from RMG GB3AH New Site Station Clearance Form for Signature. Form checked and signed for forwarding to RA via RSGB RMG Chris Goadby G8HVV, (Details of new Site Repeater on File)

24th September 1998
Received notification from RSGB HQ that our application to move repeater (GB3A.H) site, Site near Dereham has been approved. A request of at least 14 days notice to be given as to operation move, and to await NOV before going on air from new site? Phone conversation with Andy (G8VLL) as to a suitable date for the change Nov 1st being suggested.

30th September 1998
Message from Andy (G8VLL) confirming on or after November 1st. 1998 as the change-over day.

30th September 1998
Letter sent to RSGB HQ Repeater Management informing them that GB3AH would hopefully be operational with effect’ of 1st, November 1998 from site Dereham, on or after 100.00 hrs. Revised Closedown Operators list enclosed.

24th October 1998
Received from RSGB HQ replacement Schedule to NoV for GB3A.H to supersede original document dated 26th November 1993. New NoV dated 23rd. to October 1998.

27th October 1998
GB3AH “Off” Air 15.45 pending change of operating location. Repeater taken off air by Mike G0UEI.

1st November 1998
GB3AH “On” Air © 18.00 Hrs. from new site, near Dereham. Initial reports very good. G8UUV/M 2 miles north of Stanstead Airport Mil South. G0VRY Horsford Norwich. G4VCE Mulbarton.. G6OHM/M. Chatter is.

9th November 1998
RA (RIS) informed of operational status of GB3AH, also revised Close-Down Operator List. Copy sent to RSGB HQ Repeater Management Co-originator.
(GB3AH initial coverage exceeding expectations, though Thetford area, particularly the town is still in a shadow with poor reception. Towards Norwich there is coverage fully along the A47 and Southern By-Pass to the East, To the West, Kings Lynn and Walpole Highway. Castle Acre, Fakenham, Melton constable, and North Walsham.

9th. January 1999
Aerials, cable and mains cabling removed from old site (Ashill Church Tower) this morning. Church Warden, Wendy Feckham informed by phone 11.00am today. GB3AH operation on new site Satis. Note:- Since GB3AH has teen running from new site, traffic through the repeater has increased, mobile and portable stations making more use of the increased coverage, also some fixed stations taking advantage of the improved coverage,

4th March 1999
N.O.V. and insurance sent off to R.S.G.B. HQ effective from 31stl. March. Cheque for .£23-00 made out to RSGB. Repeater still operating well and no apparent problems. Occasional site visits made to check unite physically and for harmonic O/P. Note:– .Although nothing has ‘been said officially, there is rumoured of site ownership change, possibly in name only from Eastern. Telecommunications Group? How it will affect our agreement with them is yet to teen seen.?????

During the period 1999 to 2005 the repeater operated without problems apart from the odd power glitch.

13th November 2005
Repeater locked open, Mark G0LGJ reset

22nd December 2005
GB3AH taken off air for service and new TX / RX. removed by G0LGJ, G7KZZ and G0UEI.

3rd Feb 2006
GB3AH back on air, feeders and cavities checked G8VLL + G0UEI

March 2006
Mark G0LGJ took over the NOV from Alan G8PON. Alan stood down from being the repeater keeper. Thanks to Alan for his efforts over the past years.

October 2006
GB3AH suffering from distorted audio from varying stations, fixed RX off frequency. Returned to operation same day. 21/10/2006

October 2006
G8PON Silent Key.

April 2007
GB3AH taken off air due to poor receiver performance, G8VLL removed for repair 9/4/7

April 2007
GB3AH back on air new RX board. Repaired by G8VLL reinstalled G0LGJ 11/4/2007 22:00

June 2009
G0LGJ applied to move GB3AH from its location on Daffy Green to new site at Bradenham due to restrictive site access

July 2011
NOV for move approved.

October 2011
GB3AH moved from Daffy Green to new site a top of Bradenham Hill antenna installed at lower height for test purposes.

Jan 2012
Antenna raised to its current height thanks to G0UEI

April 2013
New Duplexer and Filters installed thanks to Andy G8VLL for installation and design.

Dec 2016
Cold fault on TX Tube heater installed

Dec 2016
New BPF installed.

Nov 2017
Yaesu DR1X installed in FM mode as a test.

Dec 2017
New repeater in planning stages FX5000 with Echolink.

Apr 2018
FX5000 installed with RX Pre AMP. No Echolink internet not available on site.

August 2018
Antenna  suspect hit by lightning . Replacement sourced needs rebuild amd installing.

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