Location :-
gb3ahThe repeater is located at Bradenham in Norfolk

Technical information :-
The Repeater consists of Jaybeam co-linear antenna fed with 80ft of LDF-450, Cable and tail have 2.0db signal loss. A new duplexer was in installed in 2013 using a ex Dolphin Systems Filter which gives over 90.0db isolation with 1.0db insertion loss.
TX Energy is fed into the duplexer via a circulator and port 3 is terminated in a 50ohm dummy load ensuring a good match at all times thereby reducing any spurious emissions being made.
TX 433.275Mhz Rx 434.875Mhz
The TX/RX consists of a FX5000, logic is a Zetron Controller.
CTCSS is also implemented on 94.8hz (F)
There is no Timeout . A 1750hz tone or CTCSS will need to be used to re access the repeater.
Output power is 15 W ERP.
GB3AH keeper is G0LGJ

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