GB7NM Fusion Operation

GB7NM is a dual-mode D-STAR / Fusion repeater on 145.7375Mhz -0.600 Mhz Shift. It is running pi-star software with an STM32-DVM Top hat on a Raspberry Pi3 connected to 2 Kenwood TK7180 mobile radios.

The most important thing when operating this and any other repeater is please leave at least a 3-second gap between overs this allows other users to connect and for timers to reset.
If this repeater is operating in its other mode you may hear white noise if you are listening on the opposite mode.

Before operation please key the radio for 1 – 2 seconds giving your callsign to enable the repeater to switch modes.

It’s default mode is Fusion

By default, the repeater is in stand-alone mode and is not connected to any room. In this mode, you will just be putting a call into its coverage pattern in Norfolk
To connect to a room, a list is available here you can search or adjust tables to list (Count Col) to find most active room.
Use the dashboard to see what repeater is connected to currently.
Set your radio to 145.7375Mhz -0.600 Mhz Shift and DN mode. Insert your callsign in the required fields in the Yaesu Radio.
Tested on FTM-400 to GB7NM
Press DX Button,  Repeater returns and you will get 4 tones from the radio. The room is in Grey not connected.

On microphone press and hold #  Display changes to DTID enter room number (Hubnet 57727, CQ-UK001 41729 , GB Allstars 48460 ,  America Link 32592)etc
Press #

Radio again gives 4 tones and displays Connected

You will also see the room connected to in White.

To disconnect from rooms Press the DX button and then press and hold the * button on the microphone

GB7NM does not support some of the functions of Yaesu such as News etc as it running a RPi and Pi-Star

Regards Mark G0LGJ