Location :-
The repeater is located at Great Ellingham in Norfolk

Technical information :-
The Repeater consists STM-32 Repeater Controller
Kenwood TK-7180 mobiles
pi-star software
TX 145.7375 Rx 145.1375
Antenna is a Folded Dipole fed with Andrews LDF-450 .
Home Brew 4 x Beer Barrell Dupler
Antenna is located on a HD Versatower at approx 70ft AGL.


Thanks to the following for their support and help in getting the project under way.
Yaesu UK
Andy G8VLL
Mark 2E0DWZ
Mark G0LGJ

Proposed to go live 18th August 2018

Currently working on a Multimode Repeater D-STAR / Fusion / DMR
based on MMDVM
April Update Repeater built.
Check gallery

Nov 2019 Update

GB7NM moved from Fusion only to a MMDVM repeater on Sat 30/11/19 currently running DSTAR and Fusion.
Running 2 x Kenwood Radios, STM-32 Repeater controller and pi-star software.

For Fusion click here
For D-STAR click here

Reports welcome.
Thanks again to Mark 2E0DWZ for the repeater site.
Mark G0LGJ


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GB7NM keeper is G0LGJ