Location Catton
The VHF Allstar repeater, GB3NZ, RV48, 145.600 MHz/145.000MHz was first operational on September 2018.

GB3NZ is located at a family member of James M0ZAH, co-located with GB7DS (DVU34) the UHF DMR repeater for Norwich.

Antenna Diamond V2000
Feeder Westflex 103
Transmitter Kenwood TK752
Receiver Kenwood TK752
Duplexers: DPRH4-6-2M
Controller Homemade Logic based on Raspberry PI 3.

GB3NZ is connected to the Allstar and EchoLink systems. More information to follow.

New patch leads installed 15/07/2020.


GB3NZ with GB7DS on top.