GB7NB Update

As you may be aware we lost the internet gateway PC on GB7NB last week, this has now been replaced and rebuilt.
Some software changes have been made and we have moved to using the G4KLX ircddbgateway software.

You can still use the standard commands in your UR FIELD to connect to reflectors such as REF001CL or ^^^^^^^U etc

The main change is if you use DTMF.

Disconnect / Unlink #

Trigger Voice Announcement 0 or 00

Link to Default Reflector ** (decision to be made on what default reflector is to be set )

D1B or D102 or D0102 to connect to DSC001B for example

D5B would connect you to DCS005B (uk based DCS reflector)

*1C or *010C or *001C would connect you to REF001C

B1A or B01A or B001A would connect you to XREF001A

How about an activity night on GB7NB ? any comments would be good

73 de Mark G0LGJ

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