GB7NM update

GB7NM moved from Fusion only to a MMDVM repeater on Sat 30/11/19 currently running DSTAR and Fusion.

Running 2 x Kenwood Radios, STM-32 Repeater controller and pi-star software.

There are no default links set on D-STAR at the moment so once you have established connection please use DTMF to intiate a link i.e. *1C for reflector 1C D5B for DCS5B D925B for CQ-UK etc.

For D-STAR operation remember to set your Radio to :-
R1 GB7NM C 2 spaces between M and C
R2 GB7NM G 2 spaces between M and G
MY yourcallsign

TX 145.7375 – 600hz Shift

Reports welcome.

Thanks again to Mark 2E0DWZ for the repeater site.

Mark G0LGJ

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